Sunday, August 22, 2010

20th Of July (Part 2)

After few hours, the undertaker reached. When they reached, my tear run out again. I think that my father will sleep in the coffin forever. The undertakers helped my father to change ATTIRE and MAKE UP. After finished everything, we go to see my father last face. We were cried loudly and shout. Then, we brought my father went to his hometown, Cenderiang, Tapah Ipoh after settled everything at hospital.

Along to his/our hometown, all of us had cried about one and half hours because we are feel very sad and madness. From KL to Ipoh Cenderiang, we have t0 about one and half hours to reach there. I flashback everything about my father, his voice, his smile, his face, his attitude, and everything about him. That's why I cried one and half hours.

When we reached Chederiang, which is my grandpa and grandma house, everyone were shout and cried loudly, include us. At that moment, I don't know what I have done. I only know I punched the floor strongly and cried loudly, others I don't know. After crazy, moody, sadness, depression, all of us, include my other relatives are cried quietly. Everyone keep asking:"Why be like that?" I also don't know how to answer their question, and this question will never have a satisfactory answer. As a son, I slept beside my father's coffin before daybreak. How can I sleep with this condition? I don't know? I just closed my eyes and take a rest. But, I still can heard a lot of my relative are still crying, especially my grandpa, grandma, and my mum............. And I will be the one who are cry with closing my eyes, and heart bleeding.........

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